The issues of mental health access and quality have become increasingly recognized as foundational to employer health strategy. 

Many purchasers recognize the critical importance of certain areas in mental health services but have not systematically addressed these with their vendors. To bridge this gap, this template was developed, drawing from the Path Forward Mental Health Voice of the Purchaser survey conducted earlier this year.

This resource is designed to supplement existing vendor management discussions and selection processes. While not comprehensive, it aims to enhance the evaluation and improvement of service providers. Employers and plan sponsors are encouraged to integrate this tool into their ongoing performance assessments and improvement plans until any identified issues are resolved.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Network Access
  • Other Access
  • Quality of Care Management
  • Integration Into Primary Care
  • Workplace Mental Health

Additionally, the document also includes a case study showcasing an employer’s successful vendor engagement and accountability approach, which led to superior access and support for its employees. By adopting similar strategies, employers can significantly improve mental health services for their workforce.

View and download the full document below.