In May 2024, the Mid-Atlantic Path Forward had the honor of hosting an insightful webinar featuring two prominent figures in the area of the Collaborative Care Model integration: Patricia deSa, MS, Director of the National Mental Health and Addiction Care Program for Kaiser Permanente, and Dr. Hani Talebi, Chief Clinical Officer at the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute.

The webinar delved into the implementation of the Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) within primary care settings. Attendees gained valuable insights into how these programs are being integrated, the progress they have made, and their current status.

Ms. DeSa described how Kaiser Permanente moved from a small pilot to large-scale implementation of CoCM with a focus on equity, performance improvement, and fidelity to the evidence-based model. Dr. Talebi discussed facilitators and barriers the Meadows Institute experienced while collaborating with Texas A&M University to implement one of the first full-fidelity CoCM programs at a University Health Center in the state of Texas, highlighting the unique aspects of the CoCM for transitional-aged youth and young adults.

This session provided a deep dive into the operational aspects of collaborative care, equipping participants with the knowledge needed to enhance their own practices. It was an exceptional opportunity to learn from leaders who are at the forefront of transforming mental health care delivery.

A recording is available below. You can view all webinars in this series here.